Solar Electric Systems

Stop paying for electricity, and start making your own! 

So many reasons to go solar!


Whether you are seeking relief from ever-increasing utility rates, or you just want to do your part to stop global warming, there is a great reason to install a solar system in your home.


  • Reduce or eliminate your electric bill
  • Fixed cost of electricity
  • Hedge against utility rate hikes
  • Increase the value of your home without increasing property taxes
  • Generate your own clean power
  • Fight global warming by reducing your personal carbon footprint
  • Reduce America's dependence on foreign oil
  • Enjoy reliable energy- PV systems have no moving parts, 40-year design life and 25-year warranty



Ask me about state cash rebates, federal tax credits, and property tax exemptions!



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Solar Electric Systems

Our employees will advise you on all aspects of planning and implementation. 

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